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1/100 Doyusha Tsubasa Collection No.121

Posted by Ken at January 20,2015

童友社「翼コレクション No.121 零戦52型(岩本徹三 搭乗機)」のご紹介です。


This entry is a review of "Doyusha Tsubasa Collection No.121 Zero Fighter Type 52 flown by Tetsuzo Iwamoto".
This model is a new mold kit released at Dec. 2011(*1).

*1: Until then, Doyusha had released old mold kit of 1/100 Zero Type 52.
That original mold was made by "Marusan" as "Pachi-Pachi Kit" in 1973.

▲ 上の写真は私が組み立てたものです。いくつかアクセサリーを追加しています。
Above picture is a finished model by me. I added some accessories.

▲ 本キットの中身。塗装済みパーツやディスプレイベースが同梱されています。
These are the contents of this kit. There are pre-painted parts and display base.

▲ 本モデルを左前方から見たところ。
This model's Front Left View.

▲ 胴体左側面に描かれている桜の花は撃墜マークです。
The cherry blossoms on the left side body are victory marks.

▲ 本モデルには「下げ」状態のギアが付属しています。
This model come with landing gear of the "down" position.

▲ プロペラをスムーズに回転させる為、直径0.5mmの真鍮線を追加しました。
I added Brass Wire (Diameter:0.5mm) for smooth rotation of propeller.
Actually this work had an effect on it.

▲ ヘアドライヤーの風を当ててプロペラを回してみました。
The wind of the hair dryer (cool air mode) made propeller rotating.

▲ プロペラは勢いよく回っていますが、この写真では少々回転数が高いように見えます。
Propeller is rotating well, but the RPM is looks like little too high.

▲ 零戦、今まさに離陸せんとす。
Zero fighter is about to take off now.

This product is made by 'Doyusha'. Please see below.
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