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1/100 Motorized Plastic Model Kit -Tsubasa Collection EX02-

Posted by Ken at January 18,2015


Belated Happy New Year 2015!
I'm very grateful to you for the visit my site last year.
I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.





Above picture is 1/100 scale plastic model of zero fighter type 52 flown by "Iwamoto Tetsuzo".
This is pre-painted easy build kit, but it takes time to build for me.

When IJN recruited pilots to participate in Kamikaze mission, "Iwamoto Tetsuzo" said

"If we will die all, we lose this war.
We, the fighter pilot's mission is to shoot down enemy aircraft!
The one attack means end of my life? I shall do nothing of the sort."

He rejected to become Kamikaze pilot because he was proud of his work as a fighter pilot .

70 years ago, men of this kind were living in Japan.
My thoughts go to that time while looking this model.

Because motor inside this model, the propeller can be rotated.
I made a short movie (41 second) about this model.
Please take a look.

This product is made by 'Doyusha'. Please see below.
[外部リンク External Link]
童友社 翼コレクションEX 第2弾
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