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My Tank Collection - 1/72 Scale W.W.II Japanese Tank

Posted by Ken at November 14,2014


I am organizing my diecast collection. I have some tanks which are Dragon's. "Dragon Armor" series tanks are very carefully made and finished with weathering and dry-brushing. I love these tanks.

▲ ドラゴンアーマー・シリーズのチハ戦車。1/72スケール。
Dragon Armor Series Chi-Ha Tanks in 1/72 scale

2 tanks info in above picture is following.

★60434 - IJA Type 97 "Chi-Ha" Late Production, Co.5, 9th Tank Regiment, Saipan 1944

★60435 - IJA Type 97 "Chi-Ha" Late Production, 14th Independent Tank Company, Jeju-do 1945

Tanks collection is pretty deep. I'm not going to collect tanks all variations. My main collection is airmodels. But I'll collect my favorite tanks only.
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